adoption constellations

Adoptionconstellations was developed due to the fact that regular family based constellations were more or less focused on nuclear family settings. And although the same principles are followed in adoption related constellations, one can see that often constellation leaders got ‘entangled’ in the web of loyalties towards the adoptive system and used the constellations for the purpose and efforts for the sake of balance for the adoptive family as a system. Strangely enough, the families of origin are more or less used as an object of imbalance instead of following the order of balance , the order of life itself.

The principles of; bond, order and balance and bond before attachment, and attachment before loyalty, is many times forgotten in many adoption related constellations work. Some even forces again to relinquish the bond with the parents of origin as the cure for the adoptee and the adoptive family. Not understanding or acknowledging what harm this does to the adoptee in the long term.

AdoptionConstellations wants to provide a place for all, but includes the families of origin and their systemic dynamic history with equal importance. Movements that many times, unconsciously, is transferred to the adoptee as an unknown area of existence. And without understanding differences of cultures and their place, position and role within settings of real life, important dynamic information gets lost. This is why adoption constellations includes the different approaches of destiny, family bonds and their ways of reconnecting with the complexity of, the many triangulated person, the adoptee many times (re)presents.

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