Movement of the Soul

human chain of connections

Constellations, or better known as Family Constellations, are based on bodily representations by third parties, called representatives, who are in fact, a stand in for a specific person, representing the dynamics, or interactions, of ‘unresolved’ stress within family or settings of unbalanced relations. Most of the time it refers to trans-generational and existential moments of family-historical importance.

The method of using representatives comes from the idea of Virginia Satir and others, but Hellinger was the first one who collected al lot of data from his workshops all over to recognize conscious and unconscious movements of the body and the differences between important and ‘acted’ importance of emotional dynamics.

Since, a lot of healthcare professionals, medical specialists, but also people from organizational and other areas, educated themselves in this work and specialized them selves in one or another specific area within the Systemic Constellations profession.

The many international books and also the interest from academia in the world, with the first PhD degrees about research of Systemic Work and Constellations (SWC) and its impact, has paved its path within complementary therapeutical practices and human development schools.

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