Not many know what I left behind

images from the soul

Today I held a photo of my mom in my hand, but I never knew she existed. Now I felt the inner connection, I can let her in, eventhough my psychologist told me to forget her. - Myung (Marieke)

For me, adoptionconstellations changed my life, it brought me home where I belong, it showed me, I am not crazy, I am just a Korean born woman. Why did nobody tell me that before? - Ji Hyun (Joan)

I still do not understand how it works, but something deep inside of me, a part I always denied existence, came alive. - Byong Ho ( Marc)

When I realized, that child, that boy who is still  standing at Kimpo Airport, waiting for his parents to take him home, tired of crying and freezed in trauma, is me, I can't stop myself from crying. - Tae Man (Jeroen)