Constellations Leader & Counselor

change of culture does not mean an automatic change of self

Hilbrand Westra (1969) was born in Yaksu-dong, Seoul, South-Korea as Jung, WoonSeok. He was adopted to the Netherlands in 1973 together with his sister JooMin. And became part of a so-called Frisian-Dutch family. After this adoption another six adoptees were adopted from, South-Korea, Indonesia and Brazil.

He studied Human Resources Management and worked for extensive years as HRM Manager for well-known corporate firms like Royal Friesland Foods, KLM, France Telecom and ING Bank etc. After being introduced with SWC he got so much interested in this work, that he followed many years the international SWC courses in Germany and in the Netherlands and started his own practice in this field.

He became a well-known specialist in Adoption & Systemic Trauma work. Lately his work got attention from University of Australia. His method and results are part of a bigger research about the impact of migration and SWC as approach of complementary medicine and mental health benefit for this group and intercountry adoptees.

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