Hidden dynamics

adoption constellations

Adoptionconstellations as a specialized approach within the field of SWC was introduced around 2005. The late German teacher in Contextual Systemic Phenomenology and Constellations, Wolfgang Könighaus and Hilbrand Westra (Jung, WoonSeok) introduced this work due to the outcome of experimental settings from the Intercultural Systemic work field which showed huge importance of the effects of migration and relocation. As adoptees are in fact part of that group, many dynamics are equal to many people who have been involuntarily moved from home and families.

Since, Hilbrand specialized himself in both fields within this area and gained a lot of knowledge and experience by at least leading twice a year national adoptionconstellations days in the Netherlands with adoptees and adoptive families. And since Peter Bourquin from Spain stopped with this specialized work, Hilbrand is the only one in the world, as far as known, who still practicing this as an important addition to general SWC. In the meanwhile the first books about adoption and constellationswork are published. Never the less the first book (in German) ; Haltet mich, daß ich am Leben bleibe. Lösungen für Adoptierte. Hold me that I stay alive, solutions for adoptees, is according to Hellinger outdated.

Besides some papers from Peter Bourquin and Hilbrand Westra about this specific SWC approach, the last known book about this work is the PhD thesis by Rachel Schmidt Jabaily, Bonita Dawn Perry called, Adoption and Systemic Constellation Work (2011).

Adoption & Systemic ConstellationsworkHaltet mich, dass ich am Leben bleibe. Lösungen fur AdoptierteAdoption from a Systemic Perspective