Silent Interactions

essential dynamics leading to source of reconnection

The idea of systemic interactions has different connections with therapeutic practices; such as the Contextual Therapy of Iván Böszörményi-Nagy and the Sociotherapy which has partly its roots in the general systems theory and the systemic thoughts of the Heidelberger School in Germany. Especially the family based systemic psychoanalytic school in Germany, Switzerland and Austria gained influence on the later developed family constellations movement.

The bodily systemic method, introduced by this movement, got a huge interest since the German Bert Hellinger introduced his family constellations in Europe. His work was partly based on the above developments, but more, and an important basis are the ancient rituals from the Zulu tribes in Africa. Combined with family sculptures method of the American Virginia Satir and other bio-energetic approaches, this method  became an intriguing way to learn to release trauma and conflicting family interactions.

The essence of the modern systemic approach and the practical method of constellations is based on transferred bodily information from someone who represents the actual person within the constellation setting without getting into psychodrama or sculpted personification of the person. This unexplained sensations is nowadays called the systemic dynamic of the source of information.

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