17-07-2014  10:09

Many times when I work with adoptees I  discover their conflictious relationship with their body. Often they experience their bodies as an necessary object. Something which needs to be their to support their daily activities. In a certain way, it looks like that many live outside their bodies. Not aware what the body in reality wants to be in connection with them. But that’s only possible when one does embrace everything the body experienced and where it stems from. This consciousness seem to be very unknown and difficult to many.

Many adoptees experience what I call the 'Out of Soul' syndrome, like someone who is aware of the body, but not their conscious 'me'. Like something is out there which takes the energy away.

Once an adoptee can fully live its body as an existential representation of the reality and all what it refers to, many of them experience important changes of their conscious being and their bodily sensations. It takes their reality to the core of their existence.

But this is not possible without taking the historical dynamics for real and integrate its roots as source of life and their own formation of bodily and soul wise understanding as part of 'me'. This identity of self is then based on a (un)known lineage and descent, instead of an isolated self as the first source of life, disconnected from its unique source and rooted history.
AdoptionConstellations.com - Web (B)log Hilbrand Westra, 17 July 2014